Flush Wall Door

" A flush wall door is a contemporary door that is perfect for blending the room with the door "

" Flush Wall Door smooth surface makes it appear like a door without architraves "

Faux Flush Wall Doors

A flush wall door is a contemporary door that is perfect for blending the room with the door. The design of the flush-wall can be easily installed on plasterboard walls and floors, making it a practical choice for renovation projects. Its smooth surface makes it appear like a door without architraves. The EasyWall flush-to-wall door has a stylish white aluminium frame with a sleek minimalist design, concealed hinges and a magnetic lock to ensure that it remains hidden when closed.

RaspoParete flush wall door

A RaspoParete flush wall door enhances the ability to define spaces. The flush wall door comes preassembled, making installation easier on the job site. Its design provides a sleek, contemporary look that is both attractive and practical. RaspoParete flush wall doors are available in two styles: hinged and pivot. They are also available as sliding doors. Each style offers distinct advantages and benefits. Read on to learn more.

Invisibile Flush Wall Door

A invisibile flush wall door is more than a door. It’s a work of art, a statement about the space you live in. And, the Linvisibile system guarantees complete continuity between the panel and the wall, eliminating unsightly cracks and gaps. A Linvisibile flush wall door can be made to order with any material or finish. The company offers a two-year warranty on the aluminium frame and 10-year warranty on the panel. All Linvisibile products are made in Italy, taking great care of quality and design.


The aluminum extrusion door frame systems of AGS Systems are ideal for incorporating concealed hinges. They feature a symmetrical four-arm joint that transfers force from the door leaf evenly to the frame. Basys hinges offer a patented piston guide for a smooth operation, while 3D adjustment simplifies installation. The company also offers flush skirting boards to complement the system. AGS systems offers a full range of aluminium profiles, including AGS’s exclusive TUS and TUT series.

Soss hinges

Soss hinges for flush wall doors are an option for jib doors that are designed to blend into the background of a wall. These hinges are hidden between the frame and door, like an accordion. The downside of soss hinges is the price, but they are well worth the investment because of their quality. Another option is a pivot hinge in the header. Here are some of the pros of soss hinges for flush wall doors.


Among the many advantages of fire-resistant flush wall doors, the Linvisibile fire-resistant hinge is one of the most important features. It is a patented system for flush-mounted door installation and is certified under the UNI EN 1634-1:2009 fire-resistance standard. It is made of non-metallic and non-hazardous materials, and is resistant to fire for up to one-and-a-half hours in a horizontal or vertical installation. Its steel core is resistant to fire and is a good choice for those who have an active-life safety program or an emergency response plan in place.

Smoke Gasketing

The limit for air infiltration of these doors is 0.02 m3/s * m2 or three cubic feet per square foot. Smoke gasketing is required on most door sizes. Specific requirements for smoke doors, fire partitions, exit enclosures, and corridors can be found in the applicable code sections.

A shadow gap can add character to a door’s design without detracting from the overall look of the house. They can be used to finish a DIY project, like a doorknob and lock. They’re also a great choice for commercial buildings. 


Fire resistance of flush wall doors is an important factor for protecting property and life, and the design of such doors should be based on its specifications and requirements. Designers can consult manufacturers for further guidance and recommendations. 

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